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Mikrotik RBSXTR&R11e-LTE6 SXT LTE6

Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
40.891 Ft + ÁFA ( 51.932 Ft )
Cikkszám: RBSXTR-R11E-LTE6
Gyártó cikkszám: RBSXTR&R11e-LTE6
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
Gyártó: Mikrotik
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt

Leírás és Paraméterek

SXT LTE6 kit is a device for remote locations that are within cellular network coverage. Due to its advanced LTE chip design and high gain antenna, it can provide connectivity for your building even where cell phones fail. The new SXT LTE6 features a CAT6 LTE modem, which enables carrier aggregation and allows the device to use multiple bands at the same time. A huge advantage when there are a lot of LTE users in the area. It provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside. We have seen Internet speed doubling in rural areas after switching to CAT6, so there is no need to wait for cable network expansions. The unit is equipped with two Ethernet ports (the second port has PoE-out functionality), so you can use it to power up another device. It also has two Micro SIM slots for backup link. Unit is shipped with a 24 V power supply, but can support full range 18-57 V and is 802.3af/at compliant. Specifications Details Product code RBSXTR&R11e-LTE6 Architecture MIPSBE CPU QCA9531 CPU core count 1 CPU nominal frequency 650 MHz License level 3 Size of RAM 64 MB Storage size 16 MB Storage type FLASH Tested ambient temperature -30°C to 60°C Suggested price $149.00 Powering Details PoE in 802.3af/at PoE in input Voltage 12-57 V Number of DC inputs 1 (PoE-IN) PoE-out Details PoE-out ports Ether2 PoE out Passive PoE up to 57V Max out per port output (input < 30 V) 600 mA Max out per port output (input > 30 V) 400 mA Max total out (A) 600 mA Mobile Details 2G Category Class12 2G bands 2 (1900MHz) / 3 (1800MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 8 (900MHz) 3G Category R7 (21Mbps Downlinks, 5.76Mbps Uplink) / R8 (42.2Mbps Downlink, 5.76Mbps Uplink) 3G bands 1 (2100MHz) / 2 (1900MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 8 (900MHz) LTE Category 6 (300Mbit/s Downlink, 50Mbit/s Uplink) LTE FDD bands 1 (2100MHz) / 2 (1900MHz) / 3 (1800MHz) / 7 (2600MHz) / 8 (900 MHz) / 20 (800MHz) / 5 (850MHz) / 12 (700MHz) / 17 (700MHz) / 25 (1900MHz) / 26 (850MHz) LTE TDD bands 38 (2600MHz) / 40 (2300MHz) / 39 (1900MHz) / 41n (2500MHz) Ethernet Details 10/100 Ethernet ports 2 Peripherals Details Number of SIM slots 2 Modem (Micro SIM) MiniPCI-e slots 1 Other Details Mode button Yes Certification & Approvals Details Certification CE/RED, EAC, ROHS


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